Statement from Michigan LCV on Flint water class action lawsuit settlement

Statement from Michigan LCV on Flint water class action lawsuit settlement

LANSING – Bob Allison, deputy director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters today issued the following statement reacting to the partial settlement of a class action lawsuit led by the ACLU on behalf of Flint children against the state of Michigan:

After almost two years and repeated efforts by Attorney General Bill Schuette to block and derail this important legal effort, we are encouraged that an outcome has been reached to ensure children who were poisoned with lead in their water will get the necessary screenings and resources they need and deserve. However, Governor Rick Snyder’s recent announcement that he will stop shipping bottled water to Flint only puts these same children further at risk. It’s a shame and a disgrace that Schuette and the state failed to stand with the children of Flint from the beginning.  This settlement to a tragic situation is long-overdue.  We remain equally concerned that cutting off bottled water supply to a community in need is only further punishing these children and all the families of Flint.”

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