Statement on Trump’s weakening of National Environmental Policy Act

Statement on Trump’s weakening of National Environmental Policy Act

LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters today issued the following statement after the Trump administration announced an order to weaken the National Environmental Policy Act, which would limit review of federal infrastructure projects, like power plants and pipelines. 

At a time when we are still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration has once again made things worse by further threatening our health in rolling back critical protections that reduce pollution in our air and water,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “The National Environmental Policy Act is a landmark safeguard to combating the warming of our planet and the climate crisis. The Trump administration’s latest move crystallizes why this election is fundamentally about restoring basic common sense when it comes to protecting children’s health and the future of all Michiganders.”

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