Statewide poll shows majority of Michiganders want Electric Vehicles, batteries made in Michigan

Statewide poll shows majority of Michiganders want Electric Vehicles, batteries made in Michigan

Local EV production creating good-paying jobs, bringing supply chains back to Michigan

LANSING – A statewide poll shows most Michiganders want to make electric vehicles in Michigan to keep good-paying jobs in our state.

The polling from Impact Research, which was conducted in November, showed  voters support bringing EV and battery manufacturing plants to Michigan. Voters also said they want to beat other countries like China in EV manufacturing and bring supply chains back to the United States.

“Michiganders know that producing electric vehicles in Michigan will lead to good-paying jobs, economic prosperity for our state and a better environment for our children and grandchildren,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “We commend Governor Whitmer and Democratic leadership in the state Legislature for working to ensure the cars of today and tomorrow continue to be made right here in Michigan.”

Results show that Michigan voters want their leaders to support making EVs in Michigan. According to the polling results, 55% of those surveyed favor investing in building more electric vehicles in Michigan, even among those who said they were unlikely to buy one in the next decade.

Voters also voiced their support for the UAW and rejected former President Donald Trump’s argument that the UAW’s recent strike was about EVs. Most Michiganders believe the strike was about fair pay, while almost none – a statistically insignificant 4% – said it was about the rush to build EVs. 

“Our polling proves that whether they want an electric vehicle or not for themselves, Michiganders want them to be made in Michigan, not overseas,” said Brian Stryker, managing partner at Impact Research. “Voters want Michigan to be able to compete with other countries, keep our supply chains local and bring good-paying jobs to Michigan.”


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