Three Things Thursday: July 14, 2022

Three Things Thursday: July 14, 2022

Dear Michigan LCV Family, 

Welcome to the July 14, 2022 edition of Three Things Thursday! This week, I have a great update about Promote the Vote, a synopsis of a really lovely jazz event we hosted last night, and details on how the MLCV team jumped in to support a strong state House candidate in west Michigan.

1. Promote the Vote 2022 turns in historic signature count

After months of hard work, the Promote the Vote 2022 coalition turned in a record-breaking 669,972 signatures earlier this week to ensure the pro-voter initiative gets on the November 2022 ballot. This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to how Michiganders feel about protecting our fundamental right to vote. 

This is a photo of the over 200 boxes of petitions being delivered to the Bureau of Elections in Lansing. 

The ballot initiative, which aims to protect and expand voting options and access to the ballot, is a key component of the collective work of the Promote the Vote coalition, which includes the ACLU, Voters Not Politicians, the League of Women Voters, Michigan LCV and many, many others. 

Now that the petition has turned in nearly twice the amount of signatures required to ensure a spot on the 2022 ballot, the work to educate voters about the importance of passing this measure begins. Back in 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 3 – or the first Promote the Vote – which improved access to absentee voting and helped ensure a record number of Michigan voters were able to cast their ballots during the pandemic-laden 2020 election. Just like Prop 3 in 2018, this year’s election will provide Michigan voters with another chance to protect access to the ballot, ensuring that voting options are enshrined in Michigan’s constitution as elected officials on the far right seek to limit that access/those options and make it harder for Michiganders to make their voices heard. 

Between now and September, the fate of Promote the Vote is in the hands of the Bureau of Elections as they count the signatures and ensure their validity. Given the historic number of signatures delivered on Monday, we are optimistically holding our breath that a green light will be given.  In this interim time period, and as we gear up for voter education and GOTV, let’s all take a  moment to celebrate.  If anything illustrates the power of collective action, it is citizen-initiated petitions like this one!

2. Blue In Green Jazz Night

Yesterday evening, the Michigan LCV team held “Blue In Green Jazz Night for the Environment,” an amazing fundraising event at the historic Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit!

From left to right: Michigan LCV teammates Bob Allison, Nick Dodge, Hallie Fox, and Michigan LCV board president George Davis.

This celebratory fundraising event came to be due to the creative thinking and determination of our board president, George Davis –himself a talented musician and vocalist – and the enthusiastic response from his fellow board members, including Keith Cooley, Salah Ali, Palencia Mobley, Laura Berman, Marseille Allen, Bill Phillips, Gary Bice, and Phil Roos.

From left to right: Lauren Mallas, myself, Art Brickman, Lee Berry, Suzanne Van Dam, and Michigan LCV board member Phil Roos!

The event featured renowned jazz keyboardist and recording artist Gerard Gibbs who currently tours the country with amazing jazz musicians, such as Marion Meadows, Ronnie Laws, and James Carter.

Renowned jazz keyboardist Gerard Gibbs was incredible!

Mr. Gibbs recently released his debut album, and has collaborated with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Kandace Springs, and Gladys Knight over the course of his career.  For all you jazz lovers in SE Michigan, Mr. Gibbs is scheduled to perform at the John E. Lawrence Summer Jazz Series in Ypsilanti tomorrow night, along with headliner Paula Atheron and jazz drummer Sean Dobbins (it’s FREE at Ford Lake Park).

Gerard Gibbs and Michigan LCV board president George Davis!

It was truly wonderful to see so many new faces and friends of the organization come out to support our work. If you have never been to Baker’s, I highly recommend a visit. The music is phenomenal and the food is delicious!

3. Monday’s Michigan LCV Canvass: Out on the doors for Carol Glanville in Kent County

On Monday, the Michigan LCV team was out on the doors again talking to voters, this time for Michigan State House candidate Carol Glanville in West Michigan!

From left to right:Michigan LCV teammates Jace Bylenga and Wesley Watson; candidate Carol Glanville; and Michigan LCV teammates Maddie Samuels, Abigail Barker, Bentley Johnson, and Lauren Mallas (with baby Izzy!) 

Carol is running in Michigan’s newly drawn State House District 84, which encompasses Grand Rapids and many of the surrounding communities, an area that has historically been extremely conservative but where demographics have been changing significantly over recent years..  Carol – who has been a local leader in the district – is an environmental champion who is passionate about the protection of our natural resources and community health.

Talking with voters makes the Michigan LCV jump for joy!

As part of our coordinated campaign efforts focusing on endorsed candidates for the 2022 election cycle, Monday’s canvass was an opportunity for our team to get out into the community, knock doors, and talk to voters about Glanville’s candidacy and the important environmental issues at stake this election year.

Abigail Barker and Maddie Samuels out on the doors on Monday!

We have many more canvasses scheduled in the coming weeks and months, so I will keep you posted. We’d love to have you join us!

As always, thank you for all you do to support our work. Please try to enjoy these glorious summer days. Until next week…



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