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KEY Positive Neutral Negative
WEIGHT 1 = Less Impactful 4 = Most Impactful
Case Name Year Lead Author Weight Rating
Mays v. Snyder Plaintiffs in Flint Water Crisis Claim Constitutional Violations Against MDEQ 2020 Justice Richard Bernstein 3
Midwest Institute of Health v. Governor Court Declares Gov. Whitmer’s COVID Emergency Powers Unconstitutional 2020 Justice Stephen J. Markman 3
Progress Michigan v. Attorney General Personal Emails for Official Government Business Are Not Exempt from FOIA 2020 Justice Megan K Cavanagh 2
Bisio v. The City of The Village of Clarkston Third-Party Government Contractors Are Not Exempt from FOIA 2020 Justice Stephen J. Markman 3
Johnson et al. v. Sec. of State Court Denies Petition to Halt Certification of the 2020 Election 2020 Justice Elizabeth T. Clement 4
South Dearborn Environmental Improvement Ass’n, Inc. v. Dep’t of Environmental Quality 90-Day MDEQ Permit Appeal Period Upheld 2018 Justice Richard Bernstein 2
Henry v. Dow Chemical Company Dioxin Pollution in the Tittabawasee Flood Plain 2018 Justice Stephen J. Markman 4
Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution v. Secretary of State Court Declares Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission Constitutional 2018 Justice David Viviano 4
Clam Lake Twp. v. Dep't of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs/State Boundary Comm'n Annexation of Land Covered by the State Boundary Commission 2017 Justice David Viviano 2
Lowery v. Enbridge Energy Ltd. P’ship Proving Causation in a Toxic Tort Suit 2017 Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack 3
Detroit Edison Co. v. Dep't of Treas. Utility-Owned Electric Transmission Equipment is Partially Subject to State Use Tax 2015 Justice Stephen J. Markman 1
Addison Twp. v. Barnhart Shooting Ranges May Not Be Subject to Zoning Controls 2014 Justice Michael F. Cavanagh 1
Price v. High Pointe Oil Co. No Noneconomic Damages for Negligent Destruction of Property 2013 Justice Stephen J. Markman 4
Elba Twp. v. Gratiot County Drain Comm'r Equitable Jurisdiction Applies to Drain Code Disputes only when Constitutional Concerns are Implicated 2013 Justice Stephen J. Markman 2
Dep't of Envtl. Quality v. Worth Twp. Municipalities Can Be Responsible for Private Sewage Discharge 2012 Justice Diane M. Hathaway 3
Anglers of the AuSable, Inc. v. Dept. of Environmental Quality After Elections, Court Vacates Prior Decision to Protect AuSable Watershed 2010 Justice Alton Thomas Davis 3
DaimlerChrysler Corp. v. State Tax Comm. No Tax Exemption for Car Emissions Testing Facilities 2008 Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr. 3
Czymbor’s Timber Inc. v. City of Saginaw Court Upholds Saginaw’s Ban on Hunting 2007 Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr. 2
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation v. Nestle Waters NA, Inc. Court Limits Standing to Prevent Bottled Water Plant from Draining Wetlands 2007 Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr. 3
Federated Ins. Co. v. Oakland County Road Comm'n AG Not Allowed to Appeal Leaking Underground Storage Tank Case 2006 Justice Clifford Taylor 2
Henry v. Dow Chemical Co. No Compensation for Victims of Toxic Dioxin Exposure 2005 Justice Maura Corrigan 4
Glass v. Goeckel Beach Walking on the Great Lakes Shoreline 2005 Justice Maura Corrigan 3
National Wildlife Federation v. Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. Court Limits Ability of “Any Person” to Protect Michigan’s Environment 2004 Justice Stephen J. Markman 1
Preserve the Dunes, Inc. v. Dept. of Environmental Quality Citizens Lose Ability to Protect Environment by Challenging a Permit 2004 Justice Maura Corrigan 3
Silver Creek Drain District v. Extrusions Division, Inc. Environmental Contamination is a Factor in Eminent Domain Valuation 2003 Justice Clifford Taylor 3
Huggett v. Deparment of Natural Resources New Cranberry Farm Subject to Wetland Permits 2001 Justice Michael F. Cavanagh 1
Twp. of Burt v. Dept. of Natural Resources DNR’s Burt Lake Boat Launch Subject to Local Zoning Control 1999 Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr. 1
Spiek v. Michigan Department of Transportation No Eminent Domain Compensation for Warren Highway Pollution 1998 Justice Patricia Boyle 2
Nemeth v. Abonmarche Development, Inc. Sand Dune Erosion Can Be Environmental Harm 1998 Justice James Brickley 4
Bolt v. City of Lansing Court Invalidates Lansing Storm Water Pollution Control Fee 1998 Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver 1
Michigan Millers Mutual Ins. Co. v. Bronson Plating Co. Insurer Must Defend Potential Polluter in EPA Investigation 1994 Justice Conrad Mallett, Jr. 4
Auto-Owners Ins. Co. v. City of Clare No Insurance Defense Coverage for Clare’s Leaking Landfill 1994 Justice Conrad Mallett, Jr. 3
Peterman v. Dept. of Natural Resources DNR Liable for Beach Erosion on Grand Traverse Bay 1994 Justice Dorothy Comstock Riley 2
Arco Industries Corp. v. American Motorists Ins. Co. Insurer Must Defend Company in Chemical Dumping Lawsuit 1994 Justice Conrad Mallett, Jr. 4
House Speaker v. Governor Court Upholds Governor’s Authority to Reorganize the DNR 1993 Justice James Brickley 3
Adkins v. Thomas Solvent Co. Groundwater Pollution is No Nuisance for Lowering Property Values 1992 Justice Patricia Boyle 1
Protective National Ins. Co. of Omaha v. City of Woodhaven No Insurance Defense for Woodhaven’s Pesticide Application 1991 Justice Dorothy Comstock Riley 1
Upjohn v. New Hampshire Insurance Company No Insurance Defense for Leaking Underground Storage Tank 1991 Justice Dorothy Comstock Riley 3
Polkow v. Citizens Ins. Co. of America Liability Insurance Coverage for Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 1991 Justice Michael F. Cavanagh 2
Addison Twp. v. Gout Natural Gas Pipeline Requires Local Township Approval 1990 Justice James Brickley 1
Village of Kalkaska v. Shell Oil Co. Kalkaska Can’t Lease Oil & Gas Beneath City Streets 1989 Justice Charles Levin 1
Livingston County v. Department of Management and Budget No State Reimbursement for Livingston County Landfill Upgrades 1988 Justice James Brickley 1
Schwartz v. City of Flint Courts Must Allow Local Zoning Boards to Re-Zone 1986 Justice James Brickley 1
Tallman v. Dept. of Natural Resources Court Upholds DNR’s Authority to Search Fishing Vessels 1985 Justice G. Mennen Williams 1
Twp. of Groveland v. Jennings, Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant Subject to Local Zoning Controls 1984 Justice Thomas G. Kavanagh 1
Soap and Detergent Ass'n. v. Natural Resources Comm'n. Court Upholds Gov. Milliken’s Phosphorus Rule to Protect Lake Huron 1982 Justice G. Mennen Williams 1
Silva v. Township of Ada Local Zoning Control Weakened for Natural Resource Extraction 1982 Justice Charles Levin 1