Democracy Drumbeat: Our March Recap

Democracy Drumbeat: Our March Recap

Author’s Note

Election Day; Tuesday, May 2, 2023. If you have an election in your community, we are less than two months away from our next election date. In our democracy, it is critical that we inform our communities to partake in our democratic process.


As we jump into our recap of the Democracy Drumbeat, I have quite a few ballot updates. But no worries – I’m here to share and guide you through those recent developments as simply as possible! Keep reading for up-to-date election information. 

p.s. My absentee ballot application came in the mail last week! Voters can apply for an absentee ballot, more information below. 

Our March Democracy Recap 

Elections Update – Do you have an upcoming election?


Election Day will fall on Tuesday May 2, 2023. The Secretary of State has recently published a report with a full list of communities with a May election. Check that out below: 

Applying for your Absentee Ballot


Stay on track for the May 2023 elections! If you choose to vote absentee, apply as early as possible. That way, you have enough time to receive, complete, and return your ballot to your city or township clerk. There are 3 ways to apply for your absentee ballot: 

**Apply for your absentee ballot by April 2nd to make sure you have enough time to receive and return it.**

Joining the Permanent Absent Voter Ballot list

Proposal 2 gave Michiganders the right to receive an absentee ballot before every election. 


If you plan to apply for an absentee ballot, you will have the option to check a box to join the new permanent absent voter ballot list. This means that you will automatically join the permanent list to receive an absentee ballot, not just an application, for all other elections.  

Or, you can vote in-person absentee starting now!


Absentee ballots available for in-person absentee voting started on Thursday, March 23! 

Go to, click on “your voter information” and enter your information to see your clerk’s hours and location. 

Arabic. Bengali. Farsi. Spanish.


Absentee Voter Ballot applications are available in 4 languages other than English! Voters who prefer to fill out an application and mail to their city or township clerk can do so in: 

Every voter deserves equal access to the ballot


The deadline for submitting an Accessible Electronic Absent Voter Ballot Application is on Friday, April 28. Apply for your absentee ballot by April 2nd to make sure you have enough time to receive and return it.

Those with learning disabilities, as well those with a physical disability that interferes with holding and manipulating paper or a pen or pencil can complete this form to apply for an accessible electronic absent voter ballot. 

Prepaid Return Postage for Absentee Ballot Applications and Ballots


Thanks to Proposal 2, the state will provide return postage stamps on absentee ballot applications and ballots!

These postage stamps will be available for the May elections, so that means we can mail these ballots out sooner! 

Democracy Legislation Update

The Michigan Legislature has introduced a number of bills in the past month. Four of those are created as the Election Protection Bill Package. The bills are designed to protect election workers and voters. I’ve summarized those below: 

House Bills 4127 & 4128


Both of these bills would prohibit carrying firearms at: 

  • Polling places
  • Within 100 feet of the polling place 
  • Early voting sites 
  • Absent voter counting board
  • Within 100 feet of an absent voter ballot drop box 

House Bills 4129 & 4130


These bills would make it a felony for individuals to intimidate an election official or prevent them from doing their work as election officials. 

Democracy For All Team Updates 

Cheers to our newest Democracy For All Director!

We are so thrilled for Brooke Harris leading and continuing the work of Democracy For All at Michigan LCV.  


I am thrilled to continue this vitally important work with our team of fierce advocates for democracy.”

Email: [email protected]  

If you’re enjoying these monthly democracy updates, please forward it to family, friends, and colleagues!

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